UNBLOCK AND UNFOLD Dance Yoga with Lore Dekeyser

Tuesday 10am – 11am

Lessons start: January 11th 2022


In this class we prepare ourselves for the rest of the day and week. We take our time to recognize and accept what’s already there, we become aware of our feelings, thoughts and body. Keeping this awareness, we go through different strenghtening postures and relaxing streches. We unblock our bodies until our freedom of movement becomes bigger. Finally we unfold in – step by step – having a better posture, more balance and stability and being able to improvise through life with gentleness and gratitude.


The lessons are organised in packages of six lessons. Every package has a specific focus and a routine accordingly that will be explained in great detail and thought with precision. This will enable you to continue practising the routine at home.


Posture and lower back

In this course you will learn a routine that is specifically developed to counterbalance a sitting lifestyle. We will strenghten certain musclegroups that are weakened because of excessive sitting and flexibilize other muscle groups that are too tight. As a result we will have a better posture during the day and prevent (or overcome) lower back pain.


Tuesday January 11th 10am – 11am

Tuesday January 18th 10am – 11am

Tuesday January 25th 10am – 11am

Tuesday February 1st 10am – 11am

Tuesday February 8th 10am – 11am

Tuesday February 15th 10am – 11am


Balance and stability

To be announced soon.

February 22nd – March 29th

(no lessons on April 5th and April 12th)


One package of six lessons: 50€ or 60€ or 70€

Drop-in fee: 12 €


People of all levels are welcome in this class.


Reservation for classes is mandatory. You can register up to the day before the class. Places are limited, early reservation is recommended. Book your spot by simply sending an email to: unblockandunfold@yahoo.com If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.