Sutartinės & Archaic Polyphony Singing Workshop

Vocalosaurus Choir

Workshop with Paulina Miu
08. & 09.02.’20




During this 2-days intensive workshop, we will work on the unique tradition of Sutartinės – the polyphonic songs of Lithuania. The name “Sutartinės” comes from the word “sutarti” which means “to create harmony” in the old Lithuanian language. Sutartinės are one of the oldest songs from this region of Europe, their tradition goes back to pagan, pre-Christian times. In 2010, Sutartinės were added to the UNESCO cultural heritage list.
What is that I love so much about those songs?
They grew out from a deep collective spirit – they are folk songs, created by people from a pure need of sound expression. Sutartines have a huge integrating & healing potential. Some of them were used during old, pagan rituals. They are rooted in nature and often describing the animals, trees, lakes, hills and human relation to it.
What’s more – they are easy to learn (for this workshop I’ve chose 3 simple sutartines and 2 with average difficulty.) and are simply beautiful!
We will begin our work on Saturday, 8th of February, starting with a soft warm up, preparing our body and voice for singing. We will do special breathing and voice emission exercises as well as we search into body-voice connection. That will slowly lead us to learn three simple sutartines. On Sunday we will go a little bit more deep into voice warm up, focusing on a stronger sound and exploration of our natural voice. Finally, we will learn two, more advanced sutartines. We will finish the workshop with a soft, relaxing vocal improvisation.

Paulina Miu
I`m a singer, vocal performer and voice researcher. I love to immerse my ear into the world and listen carefuly to its soundscape. I design an unique voice workshops and situations. Since 11 years I` an active vocal educator. I`ve collected a variety of an old traditional songs and I practice an unique, archaic vocal technique, characteristic for Central and Eastern Europe called “white singing”. I graduated in music therapy at the Academy of Music in Lodz and intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. I`m currently living in Berlin.
I had a pleasure to appear with my sound and voice activities i.a. among those amazing places: Jatiwangi Art Factory (Java, Indonesia), Trust Dance Company (Seoul, South Korea), Vougascapes (Vouzela, Portugal), Between Sky & Sea (Herdla Island, Norway), Munetik Symposium (Armenia), Malta Festival (Poznan, Poland), Konteksty (Sokolowsko, Poland), Visitors Project (Hungary, Montenegro, Albania)
WHEN: 8th & 9th February 2020 | 17:00 – 19:30
PRICE: 70 € | 60 € – reduced for students / unemployed
NIVEAU: open to all
Please title the e-mail : SUTARTINES Berlin
Spots are limited!