Suzuki Methode of Actor Training

the stillness of the energetic body and mind //

Workshop mit Ren Saibara

in 2020 Saturday
22.2. 14-16h
14.3.  14-16h
18.4.  14-16h

The fundamental effect of the Suzuki method is the stillness of the energetic body and mind. The stillness of the body enhances your presence and enables distinct movements. The stillness of the mind spreads your concentration to the outside. This stillness creates expressive movement and voice. This workshop is designed for participants to be able to feel this effect on their body. It aims at artists as well as everybody, who is interested in physical and mental development by movement. The training consists of simple, repetitive footwork and physical forms. Attention is on the center of gravity and breath control.

The Suzuki Method was developed by internationally acclaimed director Tadashi Suzuki to uncover the innate abilities of actors and make them usable for the theater. The method is based on traditional Japanese theater and martial arts. It is used worldwide, for example, Juilliard School, Moscow Art Theater. Ren Saibara was assistant director of Tadashi Suzuki in 2005. Since then she has used this method and developed it further.

Level: open | In German / English
Training clothes: Shorts or Leggings etc. so that the knee is visible. Thick socks or Tabis.
Price: each time 15 €
Contact / Registration: saibara (@)
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