Full Moon – Collective Howling Micro Vocal Workshop

Full Moon Micro Vocal Workshop

with Paulina Miu
Saturday, 09.02.20
I warmly invite you to come and howl with us at the Full Moon, 9th of February! We will meet at 16:00 in K77 Studio and start a quick but intense voice warm up and after a while we will fluently open the “howling field”.


Why is it good to howl?
Howling is a powerful organic sound expression, a collective vocal activity, ultimately freeing and stimulating situation which builds self-confidence in individuals as well as healthy relations between people. Howling will give you a kick of energy and simply – it is so much fun! What’s more – the howling expression is like a unique releaser for all the tensions we’re carrying in our bodies and minds. It clears your head from annoying thoughts and roots you in a present moment. And finally – howling it is so easy to activate by snowball effect! If you start it, you want more and more and you feel more and more confident in it!


Paulina Miu
I`m a singer, vocal performer and voice researcher. I love to immerse my ear into the world and listen carefuly to its soundscape. I design an unique voice workshops and situations. Since 11 years I` an active vocal educator. I`ve collected a variety of an old traditional songs and I practice an unique, archaic vocal technique, characteristic for Central and Eastern Europe called “white singing”. I graduated in music therapy at the Academy of Music in Lodz and intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. I`m currently living in Berlin.

This is an energizing, micro-workshop which takes 45 minutes.
Every person is welcome. No musical/singing experience is needed.

WHEN: 9th February 2020 | 16:00 – 16:45
PRICE: Donation
LANGUAGE: English / Wolfish
NIVEAU: open to all