Choreographic Impro-Techniques in Contemporary Dance


Workshop with Luis Zander

10.10.20, 18:30-21:00

11.10.20, 16:00-18:30


The aim of this two days workshop is to get a first understanding of some principles in the Forsythe Improvisation Techniques and how to integrate them into a research and choreographic process.
We will explore the alignment of body parts into space and try to mobilize and sense different fundamental joint-connections that give us the freedom to create and set movements.
A form of correspondence and resonance seems for this as crucial as well as the proper meaning of alignment, being and moving in connection with others, the room and with oneself.
I am actually interested in how a movement system can influence the singular and at the same time whole group and how this is giving a wider range of tools for the autonomous research of the dancer.

Next to this we gonna exercise our bodies with some contemporary work and sequences, strengthen our core, looking for of balances and being upside down. We also develop a choreo out of this and run it and run it.

It is not obligatory to come on both days, but especially for a first understanding of the idea in Improvisation Techniques I would recommend to join the two.


The Workshop is adressing people who have a certain experience in dance, or rather are interested in movement exploration and research


Donation between 6-10 Euros a day

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Luis Zander is studying  contemporary dance at DanceWorks in Berlin where they put a lot of focus on classical techniques and contemorary approaches. His actual  background is theatre and role play with a improvisational method, where characters and narrative pathways got created through playing and guided exploration. In Frankfurt he took classes of a dancer of the Forsythe Company who introduced him in the Forsythe Improvisation Technique. He is highly interested in movement research, especially in a technique that on one side helps to sensibilize and learn to articulate bodyparts and on the other giving tools to form, understand, remember and create movements with.