Mifkids – early music education

Children love music – it gives them a chance to express their voices and feelings, they can move rhythmically and are able to relax. Even the little ones are capable of making music and communicate their joy of music through movement. For the very small ones the Mifkids-courses are a great opportunity to produce sounds, explore colors, feel rhythmical patterns, try different instruments and learn movements and dances.

Mifkids is a new course format, amalgamating elements from conventional musical elementary education with many other modes of expression.  In the classes, parents and children explore specific themes on a variety of levels.

Every class is unique and in the course of the block sessions grows a holistic and echoing experience for each participant and within the group.

Through interlacing an variety of methods and approaches, ranging from pedagogy, elementary music making, movement training, acting, to site-specifics, light and sound, the children will be encouraged to find their individual form of expression within a synaesthetic environment, enriched by artistic, physical and practical elements.

The unique approach to the MifKids classes is influenced by the children’s ability to overcome compartmentalisation of senses that is so common the the world of the grown-ups. The children’s fundamental skill to amalgamate and cross-reference all kinds of sensual disciplines enables them to accept and empower their creativity as a holistic entity.

Dates: Tuesdays, 06.11.-18.12.2018
Times: 3pm-4pm children from 1,5-3 years
4:30pm-5:30 children from 3-6 years
Costs: 84€ for 7 sessions
More infos: https://kidsmusikberlin.com
Registration and contact: kidsmusikberlin@icloud.com

Teacher: Julia Kny, MMus
Julia works as a freelance composer for film, dance and stage. She has been teaching at various institutions since 2012 and has been monitoring and documenting speech development through early music education for a Berlin based educational institution for over three years. Her new book on musicianship for children and parents will be published at the end of the year.