Qi Gong

Tuesday 8.30 am -9.45 am

With Qigong into the day

with Ulla Blum

As the inner part oft he Chinese arts of movement, Qigong is a technique of slowly flowing movements and resting postures. Their beneficial effect results from naturalness and simplicity. Ifyou once know a particular sequence by heart, itspreads out a light and playful power, and even may lead you to hidden layers of your subconscious. In modern sense,Qigong is a soul-mind-body therapy.
Practicing these 8 exercises, you support it by internal images coming from nature, and will get to the point, that you do what you think. This set`s you free and creates the deep relaxation, typical for the Qigong.
Like every Qigong, also the 8brocadecombineaspectsof internal and externalwork(Yin-Yang) andtrain strengthand agility, ascalm andsoftness. But the specialeffectscoming from the 8exercises, is based on theactivationof the 8meridians. According to Traditional ChineseMedicine (TCM), it is the deepestweb ofdevelopmentandregenerationinman, whichallows us to harmonize allphysical, emotional andmental processes. Preparing exercises in this training cover topics such as relaxation, grounding, inner balance and a lot more.