It has been written and whispered
shouted and denied
it has been awaited and projected
forgotten and rejected
confessed and concealed
it was always obvious and often too close
it had many names and all colors
was ugly and beautiful
it did help or create problems
it was always what it is about.
It is time now
because these times need it.


„Touching It Now“ is a solo piece by Jonas Marx, weaving dance, music, sculpture and theoretical thinking together into one web of poetry and theater.

Concerned with a world in turmoil, believing in the higher spirit of humanity, invested into understanding the deeper knowledge of body and soul, the piece aims to share a moment of honesty and reflection. Its choreography is guided by trust into the unknown and the believe, that in not-knowing a deeper knowing
can appear. The audience is invited to follow and share this journey, which–through the different means of each scene of the piece– encircles nothing but the present moment itself.

Jonas Marx is a dancer and poet. Originally trained as an architect and philosopher, „Touching It Now“ is Jonas` first attempt, to not only weave aspects from all of these fields together, but to connect them in their core. That is: To bring them all to the place, where they appear as the same spark of curiosity,
believe and joy.

4.11.2022, 21h
5.11.2022, 20h
k77 studio
Kastanienalle 77, 2. HH, 3. OG, 10345 Berlin
Tickets: 12 / 8 €