K77 Studio is an independent organisation within the HAUSPROJEKT K77.

On the 20th of june 1992 the appartment block in Kastanienallee 77 was squatted by a group who called themselves „Vereinigte Varben Wawavox“. It was actually not called „squatting“ it was labeled as an art project „Art-Squatting-First Aid“. The group  inspired by the works and teachings of Joseph Beuys and his vision of a „social sculpture“wanted to create space for artistic freedom and community living. The vacant building was no less than a ruin, without electricity, gas or water, the windows were bricked or boarded with wooden panels. By occupying K77 the artists formed a living organism out of this „dead“ urban sculpture.

K77 Studio was founded in 1992 by Stephanie Maher and Jess Curtis as space for movement.

As the house project took advantage of the restorations that were going on all around in the area so did the Studio: the wooden floor from a school-gym nearby could be recycled as first dancefloor for K77 Studio. Meanwhile this old floor defeated by the ravages of time has been replaced in community work by a new dancefloor in 2007.

Today nationally and internationally renowned artists same as artists at the beginning of their career are teaching at K77 Studio. The Studio offers the opportunity to try out, improve or deepen teaching skills and artistic visions.

Since 2011 K77 Studio provides residencies.

K77 Studio profits from the interaction of its active and inactive members as well as of the work of all the people who have dedicated their time and love into making this space happen for all those years since 1992. Each steering committee that resumes the keeping of the K77 Studio as a special place builds on the doings and achievements of its predecessors.

K77 Studio networks and cooperates with Ponderosa (an art centre, a community, and a place to gather and exchange. It is located in the German countryside, in the village of Stolzenhagen, around an hour on the train from Berlin), Lichtblick-Kino, Proberaum-Plattform, Tanzraum Berlin and participates in the annual Performing Arts Festival (PAF).