Sensing body and immaterial-material body: quality of movement, direction and high lifting


Saturday 10th February

16.15 to 21.15

Ealry bird 40-50 euro before 25th January

Focusing this time on the quality of movement, fascia, and the direction of our way to create a lifting with our partner. We will explore also the trio constellation. The workshop invites you to immerse yourself in understanding the language of Contact Improvisation and the transformative nature of the body, through the learning process of connecting with your sensing. By incorporating attention and the sensory body as waves we will encounter each other, and notice the creation of our decision in direction as well the spectrum of possibility of our qualities of interaction. Sensing Waves is a practice generated by listening to the internal waves of the sensing body and stems from Barbara Berti’s interspecies research, working, practicing and dancing with nonhuman encounters (dogs and plants).

Info and registration:

Ealry bird 40-50 euro

After 25th Jan 65-80 euro sliding scale