through the realm of instant composition


With & by:
Rossella Canciello
Paolo Cingolani
Ivaylo Dimitrov
Susanna Grob
Annukka Hirvonen
Anni Lattunen
Jonas Marx


Enter the hypnotic world of ‚Fil Rouge‘, where choreography, poems and
stories come together in a continuous flow. As the dancers create the
canvas of different scenes with their bodies and voices, you will be
transported on a journey of pure spontaneity and artistic synergy. „Fil
Rouge“ is a tapestry of connections, where each thread weaves a unique
story and each movement is a reflection of the performers‘ innermost
imagination. Don’t miss this captivating experience that promises to
leave you spellbound as we celebrate the beauty of the unknown and the
magic of the present moment.

October 14th, 20h
k77 Studio

fee: 5-10 €