SENSING THE NOW – Fascia and Spirals

Contact Improvisation Workshop with Mathilde Mensink & Jonas Marx


We are interested into dance as a flow in which sensing and moving become one, as an expression of own movement, which fluently connects with other bodies movement.
In this two-day workshop we turn our focus towards the fascia as a supportive anatomical structure. Through release and somatic work, we will tune into its distinct movement quality of fluidity and structure. From the quality and awareness of fascia, we will move into spiral patterns. We will explore spiralic movement as fundamental movement principle that allows ease and efficiency. Through spiraling we can enter a continuous flow in the dance and organically organize our body to be responsive and soft, yet structured and with integrity.


The workshop is open for all levels, yet some basic CI skills are of advantage. In case of doubt, write us!


Kastanienallee 77, Berlin


28. & 29.10.23, 11-17h