As part of the K77 Performance Series we would like to invite you to the
Karmaoke Experience, an idea developed by Alex Zampini in the course of
2020´s lockdown.
The core purpose of Karmaoke is to create a frame for self-expression
and interactive entertainment, while embracing our beautifully imperfect
under-the-shower-singing self in a karaoke-inspired setting.
This is not just about singing on instrumentals, but a hybrid experience
where singing meets improvisation, performance and character design.
Be a pop diva, a metalhead or your favorite chansonnier: the only limits
are the sky, the duration of the song and the shape-shifting nature of
the evening´s moderator.

As a way to social-lubricate ourselves into the Karmaoke experience,
there will be the option to join a lab run by Svenja Behle´s character
Rainer is a German scientist, world traveler, rock musician and
unconventional, radical spiritual teacher. He is a self-proclaimed
„naked truth freak“, „spontaneous aliveness dictator“, „a slave, devotee
and servant of the Present Moment“.
Together we will approach character design in an unconventional and
intuitive way, exploring and refining our use of movement &voice to
embody the characters already sleeping in us. There will also be a focus
on fluidity and receiving/responding to prepare us for the performance.


19:00 Character design lab with Rainer
20:20 break and open doors
20:40 Karmaoke performance starts
22:00 end

Lab + Performance: 15-20 €
Performance only: 5-10 €

*We have a limited capacity of 15 people for the workshop and a total of
30 people for the Karmaoke performance.

Please register here:

We are looking forward to see-singing you!