an evening in three parts

Part 1

Nerves. A monument to Fragility.

Camilla Barbera, Jean-Charles Vallet

Starting from photographs of fell-down-hair holding on to the walls of the wet shower, the performers embody them through text and movements that somehow represent their fragility – or fight it.


Part 2

Open Form Quartett

Jonas Marx, Guilherme Rodrigues, Mariangela Tinelli, Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson

Music tells dance to listen to soul. 

Soul tells music to listen to dance. 

Dance tells soul to be: music. 

Music tells dance to be: soul. 

Music and soul are dancing together 

when dance and soul make music to be. 

The night is magic, because that is what soul is. 

We find it in a teapot, music, dance and soul. 

The name of the teapot: Open Form Quartett.


Part 3

Svenja Behle

Svenja will present self-written songs in English & German in a simple acoustic guitar & voice set-up, ranging from tender, dreamy, playful, to pensive & gloomy moods. All with the intention to nourish us in the dark season.


Limited seating.
Please register at


Doors 7.30 pm, Start 8 pm
10€ / 5€ reduced

the studio will soon be back for you: starting the season performance #8 will already be on the 3rd of februaryonly to be continued with #9 on 2nd of march

so long merry christmas & a happy new dance!