How to make a true move?
Begin to stop thinking, planning and manipulating and instead trusting our body-knowing and a sense of open space. Breaking with habitual opinions, judgements and fears to attend to the emerging future. Deepening our embodied and spatial knowing by bringing awareness to the social field and its hidden patterns. Come and explore the magic of social presencing theater!

Social presencing theater was developed by choreographer, performer and educator Arawana Hayashi and scholar Otto Scharmer (theory U). Theater here stands for being seen in your authentic way. You can find more info here:

I learned this art form from Arawana and see SPT as a powerful mindfulness practice to create the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible!
Depending on our group size I will choose different practices that include individual and group presencing through movement, meditation, improvisation and dialogue.
The workshop will be in English or German depending on the participants.

please register until tuesday 25.11.22 by writing to:
Inga Beeck 0176 28 32 76 68 /

feel free to share this with people you know!

Sunday 27.11.22
2 – 5 pm