January 14th 2pm-6pm

@ K77 studio

Price: 30€ (early bird, Dec 17)

For: Dancers, Movers, Performers, Actors, Artists and the Curious


A Movement Journey through Identity and Space

The workshop encompasses movement as a language to interact, a way to relate and compose simultaneously – questioning the concept of performance, in search of an unmasked reality of the moment.

We are using a somatic baseline to create a safe environment for exploration. An exploration that is seeking to zoom in and out of the collective to experience meaningfulness rather than forcing the creation of meaning.

We will move into different tools from partnering and instant composition to use the vessel of the body for exchange. Removing the ego for a while to let go of notions of success and achievement.

Without leaving or censoring any part of the human psyche we want to invite all emotions and reactions to become conscious of our societal filters.