Ongoing Repetition

Abstract: Workshop and research lab in music and movement
What means repetitivity to you? Obsessive? Beautiful? Empty? Ridiculous? Satisfying? Controllable? Solidified?Revolutionary?
Repetition is a concept deeply rooted in embodiment. It holds boundless potential to delve into one’s own body, resonate with the audience, and interact with and influence all forms of media within a space. Repetition takes on entirely different meanings in different contexts!
„Ongoing Repetition“ implies it’s not mechanical but organic, fostering an ongoing or fermenting process.
During the sessions, we begin by exploring the primal form of „repetition“ through embodied practices using the media of music, movement, and materials in an interactive way, eagerly anticipating its unfolding complexity.

You need to know:
– This will be an Open level Workshop. You are welcome if you feel resonance! Tasks are not technically difficult and will take into account the level of participants. This does not mean rough, however, and a detailed warm-up/padding will be done for each Session.
– Each session is independent yet interconnected. You are encouraged to attend all sessions, but you can also choose to attend only one. I believe attraction is key, not rules.
– Participants are encouraged to connect their experiences with the theme during the workshop and after. We talk, we exchange, we try. We may cooperate to influence the content and form of future sessions.

About initiator:
I am Xue, recently graduated from Eurhythmics/music and movement in University of Arts Berlin. I would like to share with you the methods I have collected from my experiences in artistic and teaching practices in Eurhythmics, Contemporary Dance, and Music. I am looking forward to exploring more dimensions with you within this theme and refreshing my perspektives.
03.03 12:30-14:15
09.03 19:45-21:45
16.03 19:45-21:45
30.03 16:15-18:15

07.04 14:30-16:30
14.04 14:00-16:00
21.04 14:30-16:30

02.06 14:30-16:30
15.06 17:15-19:15
30.06 14:30-16:30
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