Sinn & Klang 
An Exploration in Embodied Poetry by Jonas Marx 
From a place of deep imagination, a mind of internal listening… from a travel through the inside of the body, in stillness, yet full of movement, I bring my words to you: people, space, dance, music! To drink the world, to let be what is, inside out, to celebrate: poetry.
with Jonas Marx
Flamingo Splash 
a wild group improvisation with arganizing members of 271 performance series
An open invitation to stay and join for drinks, conversation, and dance.
Offene Einladung zum Verweilen bei Getränken, Gesprächen und Tanz.
Limited seating please register at 
begrenzte Sitzplätze bitte anmelden unter 
doors 7.30 pm
Ei lads 7.30 pm 
15€ – 5€ sliding scale. cash only 
15€ – 5€ Staffelung. nur Barzahlung