June 30th doors: 8.30pm start: 9pm – around 10pm Price: 10 € /5 € Limited seats // Begrenzte Plätze. Please register via k77performanceseries@proton.me Tickets at the door (Abendkasse), if available. There will be drinks. You are warmly invited to stay.

„Painted Walls“

Camilla Barbera and Jean-Charles Vallet will share a work in progress that they’ve been developing through a series of improvisations in the studio. Through movement and text, this first draft of a longer performance to come explores the stories witnessed by the walls of our homes.  

„…the disturbing contingency of all factual reality…“

Jeremiah Day and Jonas Marx will show an improvised duo-piece, composing with word and movement, sourcing from the rich material of a longtime colleague- and friendship. Weaving together experiences in the thinking as well as the real space, the piece will draw lines from Hannah Arendt to the experience of managing K77 studio together – and in many directions more.