Dreaming new space

CI mini conference with Aviv Sheyn

Saturday, July 6th & 

Sunday, July 7th 2019
17-19 Jam
19-21 Sharing
What is the social practice of our dancing?
What does it teach us about community and about being?
How can dancing inspire our dialog and our dialog inspire our dancing?
Are we happy with the structures and the spaced of dances available to us?
Why we never talk about love ? How a collective freedom will look like?
Does our body has an ego ? What role plays the Jam space in the city and what its bigger potential can be? What questions and answers can we put on the table, which emotions can we share ?

This an invitation to dance and start talk about CI in a new way, to open structures and offer new beginnings , new pathways, new doors.

For one weekend we meet at K77, dance and share. Each day will be a Jam and then a space for sharing. The sharing can be in any form – Talk, read, perform, offer a practice, play us music. Each contributor will have 7 minutes and can curate in this time his own reflection.

If you wish to share something please register until 1/7 by e-mail: avivsheyn@gmail.com

The participation is based on donation to cover the studio fee. There will be tea and cookies.