Dear people, friends and colleagues, beautiful inhabitants of planet earth!


We are delighted to invite you to a new piece, a creation of spirits flying in from all directions: Valtteri, coming from the most far north east of our continent, namely Finnland, Beljana, coming from the most far south west of this tectonic event called Europe, namely from the – in fact tectonically not at all european – island of El Hierro, the three of us we meet here, in my beloved city of Berlin, to perform together, in my beloved studio k77.


We will create a piece of the usual delicious ingredients: dance, music, poetry, the deep and the light questions about life, gratitude, some nonsense, the appreciation of silence, the worship to the gods… All guided by the spontaneous mind and served in well composed choreography.


Come plenty!


Many kisses,





Beljana Metje
Valtteri Keinänen
Jonas Marx


Feb 4th, 8pm


k77 Studio,
Kastanienalle 77, Berlin


10 / 5 €