Action Art – bodies perform space

How bodies perform space + vice versa

with Laura Corcuera (Spain)

Sat 21.9.2019, 18h-22h

Sun 22.9.2019, 10h-13h
followed by actions in public space 14h-17h

Price: 50 €
Duration: 10 hours



Addressed to maximum 13 adult people interested in the practices of action art, no artistic background or CV needed, just send a motivation letter and make your inscription at:

How does the language of performance (made up of practices and procedures) open up opportunities to observe the world, to describe what cannot be described in words? How can action/performance art practices embody conflicts and call into question the measurements and proportions we use to observe/describe the world?

This course offers some original practices of art action in order to be aware about the relationships and affections between the body and the space (private and public). The participants will explore the architecture of bodies and spaces, as well as their possible syntax in action.

We will work with our body as our first shelter. We will activate and mobilize the bodies working with the concept of liminal existences. 

We will do action exercises using some techniques born in the second half of the 20th century (Odin Teatret, Eric De Bont, Mary Overlay, Anne Bogart, Esther Ferrer, Fina Miralles, Pocha Nostra) and studied by Laura Corcuera. 

According to the idea developed by geographer Doreen Massey, we will observe space as alive organism in order to conceptualize and execute unusual actions individually and also collectively. We will do composition games indoor and outdoor whose esthetic sense has to do with the commitment with joy and truth. 

Laura Corcuera is a Spanish performer artist, writer, journalist and activist. She combines her journalistic work with dissemination of science and performance art. She is cofounder and was member of the newspaper DIAGONAL, where she writes about science, sexual and gender diversity, social movements and performing arts. She has collaborated with the performance art magazines Primer Acto and Artez. Corcuera created with Producciones Indomables the Coffee Laboratory La Selecta in the mountains of Madrid, where she’s living since 2011.   ///