Use Your Body mit Carla Morera

Use Your Body Movement / Carla Morera

7 week class  with Carla Morera

Friday, 01.03.–12.04.2019
– for all levels –
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“Our body is in the world as the heart is in the organism” Maurice Merleau-Ponty

If we consider physicality as an in danger quality in the modern humans, let’s preserve it as a gift to the next generations. I invite you to invest in movement and the reconnection with our bodies. Through the movement practice we will develop awareness of relationship (learn from others, others learn from me. We are a unity made of individualities); core (my soul, my spirit); surrounding (where am I, who/what else is there, what am I part of); space and time (rhythm).

Floor work technique (flying-low), improvisation, strength, coordination,and the Joy of moving, are the columns of this workshop, we will explore and play around all of them, challenging borders and broadening our range of movement. My practice is always developing and defining itself, as I do. I am learning with and from the people around me. We are all practitioners. We are all creators.

About Carla:

I am a performer, movement practitioner, teacher and massage therapist based in Berlin. I commenced my dance studies in Barcelona with a professional modern dance training based in Limón Technique and later I graduated from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). Throughout my experiences with dance and movement I have explored multitude of techniques from ballet, jazz and hip hop, through modern and contemporary, to parkour and handstands. I collaborated with artists of different movement backgrounds and approaches and performed in theatres from some European cities such as Berlin, Munich, Bremen, Mainz, Salzburg, Wien, Lubljana or Sevilla.
“If you feel like you are dancing, then you are dancing”. Martin Kilvady