Classical Pilates for Dancers

pilateswith Sachiko Ito (AQUARIUS PILATES)

dynamic mat group session for advanced students

from 12. August 2020

Wednesdays 9:30-10:30

in English, German and Japanese

level: advanced with at least over 1 year previous experience of classical Pilates or dance training


prices:  trial 13€

1 card 18€ (valid for 2 week)

5 cards 75 € (valid for 2 months)

10 cards 135€ (valid for 4 months)

special prices for students in dance- or Pilates education:

trial 10€

1 card 13€ (valid for 2 week)

5 cards 60€ (valid for 2 months)

10 cards 110 € (valid for 4 months)

*due to the COVID 19 conditions, the class is temporally limited for max. 5 participants. Plaese make registration and booking in advance on the following website:

If you have questions please send an email to:

*please bring your own mat and towels, and come to the studio already clothed with mask. Thank you!


About the Class

Pilates, originally called “Contrology”, is a total workout-system for strength, flexibility and balance of body and mind, designed by Josef Hubertus Pilates in the early 20th Century.

Besides his tireless study and devotion to bring people back to their healthy, natural posture, Pilates also worked with important movement researchers and dance pioneers of the 20th century such as Rudolf on Laban, Martha Graham and above all, George Balanchine, father of American ballet, who often sent his injured ballet students to Josef Pilates. It is therefore highly acknowledged as one of the most effective exercise methods for athletes and dancers to keep their best conditions and to protect themselves from injuries.

At studio k77, we offer a class specially for advanced students with at least 1year experience of classical Pilates or dance trainings.

To achieve this high level dynamic group workout safely and efficiently, it is important to follow the professional instructions and to focus on your body.


About the Teacher

Sachiko, founder of AQUARIUS PILATES is originally a diploma Philologist for modern German poetry and musician from Tokyo, Japan.

Her personal experiences of pregnancy and birth of her two daughters made her conscious about her own body. Also, the fascination for dancing raised her interest towards the connection of mind and body. After suffering from osteoarthritis caused by improper body alignment during dance trainings, she started to take classical Pilates classes, which was an illuminating experience.

She completed her education as Pilates teacher at Peek Pilates, one of the most trusted classical Pilates education company founded in early 90s in USA.

She dedicates herself to delivering her experiences and knowledge to her students for their health, beauty and happiness.