Core Sculpt / Juliana Ogang

Thursday 9-10:30 

with Juliana Ogang

Diese Klasse wird nur in englischer Sprache unterrichtet.

The class is conducted in English and is open to people of all fitness levels.

CORE-Sculpt is a unique approach to better health and fitness that gently and effectively tones, conditions and strengthens your total body giving you that long lean silhouette we all want. We meticulously sculpt your body using moves inspired from contemporary ballet to:

• discover your natural flexibility and quickly increase your power to move

• strengthen your core muscles (mid-lower back, pelvis and abdomen)

• improve your posture by giving it strength, flexibility and balance

Learn how to integrate breathing, body-mind focus and dynamic alignment to reconnect and re-shape your amazing body. You will find more information about Juliana here.

Cost: First trial class 25€, 12-class pack promo 180€

Contact: or 0151 636 56193

Booking: here