Workshops & Events

The Space between – A workshop with Kathleen Heil

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of April, 3-6pm

This workshop is open to anyone wishing to create with greater presence and precision by exploring the space between the self and other…more

African Dance Workshop with Annett Hofmann

Sun Apr. 15th, 12-3pm with live percussion



Sat Apr. 21st, 11am – 6pm

This workshop will focus on working with a specific movement  qualities…more


Sun Apr. 22nd, 11am – 6pm

Between improvisation and choreography – processes, strategies, questions …more

Music and Dance collaboration Workshop

with Friederike Wendorf (flutes) and Manuela Lucia Tessi (dance)

Saturday May 12th 12-4pm and Sunday May 13th  5-8pm,                   Presentation Sunday May 13th 8.15pm

This workshop is aimed for dancers and musicians who have an interest in the study and practice of sound and movement in real-time composition… more

Bartenieff Fundamentals meet Open Floor with Jenny Bär

Sunday May 13th  12-3pm and June 2nd  11am-2pm

In this workshop we will combine the deep bodywork of Irmgard Bartenieff with Open Floor, a conscious dance practice… more

Free Dance with Hilla Steinert

three times a whole day full of dance: May 26th, Sept. 08th and Nov 24th 2018

moving-exploring-practicing-holding-showing-sharing-experiencing-enjoying… more

Soul Motion with Janos Grimm

Friday June 22nd (open evening) 8-10pm, Saturday June 23rd 1-7pm

next: Sept. 22nd and Dec 15th

In these workshops we will use the tolls of SOUL MOTION…more