Jenny Bär

Dance and movement Therapist, Heilpraktiker in psychotherapy, CLMA (analysis of movement), dance teacher


After my training as graphic artist I studied sports science in Hamburg. There I made contact with Petra Klein  who offered educational seminars for dance therapy. Her teaching met with my heart’s desire: to use the power of dance holistically.
1999 I started my training to become a therapist for dance and expression at the Centrum für Integrale Tanz- und Ausdruckstherapie (Cita) in Berlin / München and graduated in 2004.
2006 I took my exam as healer in psychotherapy in Berlin and have been working with children and adults ever since. Additionally I studied Laban Bartenieff Bewegunsgstudien (LBBS, eurolab) and was certified as movement analyst (CLMA) in  2012 .

Many different forms of dance have been part of all of my life: ballet as a small child, modern, african, authentic and finally contemporary dance. Dancing “freely” is a profoundly nurturing source as I allow myself to feel and perceive every aspect of myself in its entity.

In order to enlarge and deepen the holistic approach of my therapeutic work I have been continuously training and studying different styles and aspects of the body in motion: the anatomy of movement, Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, kinesiology, reflexology, Metamorphosis, Reiki I und II, developmental motor function and dance for children.

At the moment I am in the Open floor teacher training.

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