Steering Comittee

Hilla                 Anuya                    Maike                        Gosia                                Jenny



The beautiful K77 Studio is situated in an former squatted house which still keeps up its collective and collaborative organization-form.

We, as a non profit organization, are very much into preserving and cultivating this unique niche in the Berlin performing arts landscape by creating a space where we can meet in a respectful and productive way.

We offer the opportunity for artist from all over the world to meet and explore. A rich program of classes and performances vitalizes the place and promotes the development of creative impulses.



1. Chairwoman: Hille Steinert

2. Chairwoman and Artistic Director : Anuya Rane

Treasurer: Malgorzata (Gosia) Gajdemska

Office-Team: Jenny Bär, Maike Krause