Capoeira is a cultural expression which developed in Brazil in the 16th Century during the colonial period.  This 500 year old martial art was banned and was therefore desguised as a dance. It is a non-violent sport that is “played”, and hence there are no winners or losers. 

Capoeira is an extremely complete sport. Capoeira develops tremendous motoric skills, bodily expression, creativity, patience, and balance. Through fun, we learn cultural values, rituals, discipline, music, respect, history, the Portuguese language and singing. 

Capoeira is suitable for every age, gender, social background and skin color. The entry into the group is possible at any time. 



My name is Tosca Salinas and I am from Spain / Sweden. My Capoeira name is Professora Alegría. 

Since 2004 I teach Capoeira for children and adults. I have participated in numerous Capoeira events in Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. I travel to Brazil from time to time to train and develop my skills.  Between 2006 and 2011, I taught and directed the Brasil Capoeira group in Barcelona, ​​where I hosted an annual International Capoeira Festival. I also organized events and workshops throughout the year.  Since 2011 I live with my husband (also Capoeirista) and our two children in Berlin. I look forward to seeing you in the next Capoeira class. Everyone is welcome.



I teach Capoeira for teenagers, adults, children (above 5 years) and families. Current prices and offers can be found on my website.