Dearest Community!

as every year in the summer-hole…we feel September is approaching and
for you MEMBERs of K77 Studio that also means the long announced
Member’s Weeks are almost here.From September 10th-24th the idea is for all workshops and classes to be free for all members.
Those who participate and open their doors get a special 50€ fee.


If you DO NOT WANT to participate WE NEED TO KNOW NOW, for their will be a schedule, a kind of programme. Means: if you usually just have rehearsals, but not public workshops, and would like to make something public and participate or open your slot for more programme, WE NEED TO KNOW NOW, too.

And – the member’s week will end with a two-part CLIMAX :
1.    Group improvisation on Saturday evening the 23rd
for all interested: introductory sessions on Thursday the 21st at 13:00 and 15:00 to get ready.
The idea is that ALL of us will make a group improvisation together!!
2.    and we have a BIG SPECIAL PARTY
with which WE NEED HELP.  Can you please LET US KNOW if you want to help?

Hear and
 See you in September!