15.7. – 16.7.  /  BERLIN / Studio K77

Vega Luukkonen & Tara Iiris Raipala
This workshop wishes to approach contact improvisation as somatic practice, which yet can be composed. As we were planning the material, we had a wish to share contact techniques and skills in a way, that it can be experienced as

: somatic composition.

We also approach CI as a larger phenomenon of improvisation, incorporating solo and group composition in the work.

We will flow in and out of contact, viewing the dance as a playful dialogue, which breathes freely in time and space.

The focus is to explore the state of improvisation and creativity, to emphasize the courage to play and investigate the unknown.

This exploration is based on in-depth somatic information sourced from axis syllabus, anatomical study of safe and functional movement, and of course the principles of CI.

We will navigate smoothly between solo, duet, trio and group improvisation. Exploring through a variety of different methods including explorative exercises, experiential anatomy
and specific technical material.
Learning and unlearning.
Recognising our habits,
enjoying them –
and de-composing them.
Composing the contact.


– DATES : 15.7. – 16.7.

– TIMES : Saturday 11:00 – 17:00

Sunday 10:00 – 14:00



Studio K77, Kastanienallee 77