CI Class & Jam


K77 Class & Jam 2019
All-levels Class 20:15 – 21:15 
from 21:15 – open jam



In the pre-jam class we delve deeper into CI fundamentals and practices. Experienced CI teachers from Berlin share their knowledge and passion of CI, offering a specific focus for each class and block series. Together we will land and connect (in our bodies, the space, with one another), explore, share and research.

The one-hour, pre-jam classes are organized in 6-8 week blocks with teachers rotating from block to block. They are designed to engage people of all levels.


7.08 – 18.09 – CI classes with Zuzanna Bukowski
Within 7 Wednesdays we will dive into basic principles of Contact Improvisation to have a solid base for jamming. Dancing with the floor as your first and most stable dance partner will provide the grounding for more acrobatic moves. We will be using Contact Improvisation as a tool to explore what it means to share weight with each other. Using the rolling and sliding point of contact will bring us into different levels.

You will train basic flying and grounding techniques to become a solid under dancer and light flyer.

About Zuzanna



  1. Aug – 18. Sept  with Zuzanna Bukowski
  2. Sept – 6. Nov with Liz Erber
  3. Nov – 18. Dec with Gosia Gajdemska



Class Series: 70 – 100 € (7-8 weeks series)

Drop-in Class: 10 – 15 €

Drop-in Class + Jam: 12 – 15 €

Jam: donation from 5 €